The price
– Being Christ’s disciple would demand a lot from you. Unfortunately, there is a price for life, which is not wealth or connection.
– There is a price for the Anointing, beyond fasting, praying, and listening to powerful messages.

– God Loves everybody but he doesn’t trust everybody equallv.
– Pray your vision and plans into reality
– To get to a height no man has ever reached, You must pay a price
– There is a real price, price of surrender, death to self.

Critical Matters requires sitting down first, don’t be in a hurry, calm down and think.
– The ability to finish depends on proper planning.
– There are things in life that God has answered but our carelessness and lack of proper planning have become hindrances.
– It is expedient that we must pray as believers, no matter how busy our activities and achievements get.


Pastor Sola Oladejo


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